Archive | June 2013

Shaving Superman

Gillette vs. Superman? Stainless steel razor blades are just simply no match for the Man of Steel, so Gillette partnered with Warner Brothers to strike up a conversation regarding Superman’s grooming secrets.

The campaign features a series of YouTube videos starring pop culture science heroes such as Bill Nye the Science Guy, The Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik, Kevin Smith, and the MythBusters guys, who each present their own theories on how Superman shaves. (Though comic book fans were quick to point out that the question was answered long ago—Superman shaves by using his heat vision, reflected in a mirror, obviously.) Audiences are also encouraged to vote for their favorite theories and engage with Gillette on social media.

This is an example of a clever partnership that works to entice and interest audiences to engage with the brand, without trying to sell to them. Gillette did a fantastic job proving that content is king.