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Watch It And Weep


Hello Surface

Last week Microsoft announced that it would be holding an event in LA with BIG news.  By implementing Apple’s secretive strategy, they were able to create a significant amount of interest and media buzz for the event. Behold, the mystery has been solved, and Microsoft has just unveiled its new tablet – Surface.


The Microsoft Surface, in its 10.6-inch screen glory will be joining the family of Windows 8 devices and become tough competition for Apple’s iPad. More options in the market place means there will be plenty more tablet users in the near future. Currently, 31% of internet users in America use a tablet, up from a mere 12% in 2011. That’s over 74 million tablet users, and it’s growing fast.

Good news for advertisers is that a new study by the Online Publishers Association revealed 54% of tablet users prefer free, ad-supported apps over paid ones. Researchers have estimated that the total market for paid tablet apps will be over $2.6 billion this year alone.

Just as the mobile revolution has changed the way we live, tablets are the new frontier, and we’re excited to see where the future of advertising is headed along with it.