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Spreading Happiness, Virally

Remember Friday? Who doesn’t. Today’s digital world has brought word-of-mouth to new heights. The viral phenomenon has become a trend that marketers crave to establish for their own brands.

Word-of-mouth + exponential growth = viral marketing. It’s as simple as that, but also just as difficult.

In an effort to capture millennial attention, Coca-Cola asks consumers what is the most outrageous way to share a coke? The solution – they teamed up with YouTube personalities Justine Ezarik, Josh Chomik, and a group of engineering students from Harvard Mudd and CalTech to build an elaborate Rube Goldberg-inspired machine designed to open and pour two bottles of coke.

Launched just two days ago, the video has already garnered over 95,000 views. It is one of Coca-Cola’s many successful branded online videos that have gone viral, reaching millions of viewers organically.

Whether it’s spreading humor, ideas, or spreading happiness, creating something of value that entertains and engages the audience is the first step to any viral marketing strategy.